542 Iron Duff Road
Waynesville, NC 28785
(828) 627-1200 


Communication Leader – Oversight responsibility for all formal modes of church communication (3-4 hours)

  • Oversight of website development and maintenance
  • Oversight of weekly bulletin development and all related content
  • Oversight of all phone tree messages, group texts and e-mail communications
  • Maintenance and communication of the official church calendar
  • Oversight of all mass text and e-mail communications and all interactions with local papers and other newsprint
  • Oversight of all organized advertising and church branding activities (logos, printed names, etc.)

Administration – Broadly responsible for the day-to-day organizational and office activities of the church (24-28 hours)


Finance – (in coordination with the Church Treasurer, Finance Chair and Finance Committee)


  • Initiate and track expenditures of the Pastor’s annual budget submission.
  • Assist in verifying and validating weekly receipts, matching against tithe records and depositing funds into the church’s bank accounts.
  • Assist the church’s Audit Committee in auditing the church’s financial records
  • Prepare the monthly budget reports and statement of cash position.
  • Oversee the church’s purchasing process and application of the related finance policies and procedures for all purchases.
  • Maintain the master/record copy of the Finance Policies and Procedures
  • Maintain oversight of all church credit cards
  • Interact as appropriate with the church’s paid bookkeepers, accountants and the bank on all matters related to finance and accounting


Bylaws – (in coordination with the Bylaws Committee)


  • Research and recommend to the Senior Pastor and Bylaws Committee resolution to any current “open procedural issues” in regard to bylaws
  • Maintain the master/record copy of the bylaws
  • Assist the Committee on Committee’s in evaluating the activities and continuing viability for all ad-hoc (non-Standing) committees


Personnel – (in coordination with the Personnel Committee)


  • Assist the Personnel Committee with compensation, personnel employment and human resources, as requested
  • Ensure that all requisite OSHA and Worker’s compensation notices are properly published in/around the church offices
  • Maintain the master/record copy of the Personnel Policies and Procedures

Nominating – (in coordination with the Nominating Committee)


  • Asist the nominating committee in documenting the annual slate of volunteers to the church body
  • Ensure that all appropriate servitude protocols are met and that appropriate backgrounds checks are accomplished and kept up to date for those serving in sensitive areas


Building and Grounds – (in coordination with the Building and Grounds Committee)


  • Maintain a schedule of church vehicle maintenance.
  • Maintain an inventory of all service contracts
  • Maintain a running list of all church equipment
  • Maintain a list of all general maintenance and current buildings and grounds issues
  • Coordinate maintenance of building and grounds activities with the committee chair
  • Coordinate all requests for use of the church facilities by church members and non-church organizations/individuals and coordinate with custodial staff or contract cleaners, as required


Information Technology – (in coordination with the Church Staff)

  • Monitor computer equipment and software for reliability and fitness
  • Monitor the church’s wireless networks and ensure reliability in all areas of the church for staff and visitors alike
  • Oversee all print management, phone, cell phone and other technology related agreements and contracts


– Other duties as assigned


Please send resumes to

Antioch Baptist church

ATTN: Chairperson, Personnel Committee

542 Iron Duff Road

Waynesville, NC 28785