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What does ANTIOCH believe about God?

We believe in one God who exists in three distinct persons Father, Son and Holy Spirit). We believe that Jesus Christ is the second member of the Trinity (the Son of God) who became flesh to reveal God to man and to become the Savior of the lost world.

What does ANTIOCH believe about mankind?

We believe that man was created in the image of God to have fellowship with Him, but became alienated from that relationship through sinful disobedience. As a result, man is totally incapable of coming back into a right relationship with God by his own effort.

What does ANTIOCH believe about salvation?

We believe that the shed blood of Jesus Christ on the cross provides the sole basis for the forgiveness of sins. Therefore, salvation only occurs when a person places his faith in the death and resurrection of Christ as the sufficient payment for his sin.

What does ANTIOCH believe about the Christian life?

We believe that every Christian should live for Christ and not for himself.  By obedience to the Word, daily yielding to the Spirit, and active participation in the life of the church, every believer will mature and become conformed to the image of Christ.

What does ANTIOCH believe about the Church?

The purpose of the Church is to glorify God by loving Him and by making Him known to a lost world.  We believe that the Church is the body of Christ of which Jesus Christ is the Head.  The members are those who have trusted by faith the finished work of Christ. The ordinances of the Church are Believer’s Baptism and the Lord’s Supper.

Biblical Authority

We believe God has spoken to us through the Scriptures.  Therefore, the Bible is our ultimate authority.

Intimacy with God

We believe God desires an intimate relationship with every believer.  Through prayer, meditation, worship and Bible study, we can pursue and achieve intimacy with the Father.

Relevant Environments

We believe our role is to create environments that are conducive to the work of the Holy Spirit in the hearts of people. A variety of relevant environments combined with competent leadership will allow us to connect with our audience.

Relational Evangelism

We believe that all believers have the responsibility of carrying out the Great Commission in their sphere of influence.

Authentic Community

We believe accountability, care and a sense of belonging are critical to balance and progress in our spiritual journey. These three things are best achieved within the context of a small group of like-minded, relationally-connected believers. Fellowship must be intentional. It is our goal to help connect believers to one another through a variety of different settings such as Sunday School or small group studies for discipleship.

Active Service

Every believer has been gifted by the Holy Spirit to serve. As gifted members of the body of Christ, each believer is responsible for exercising his or her gifts in tandem with other members to minister to the body in the church and in the world. Maximum impact is contingent upon a coordinated, strategic exercise of gifts in the body.

Intentional Apprenticing

We believe that every believer is responsible for passing along to others the knowledge, skills and opportunities for service that God through others entrusted to them.