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The Deacon Ministry at Antioch …

Deacons are perhaps the most powerful people in the church. Powerful… not because they are elected by the church; not because they have the ear of the pastor; not because they help make the tough choices on vision and direction; and not because they manage the inner workings of this organization; on the contrary, deacons are powerful because they are servants. And when one serves, God fills you with the Holy Spirit. That power is seen when they are looking out for those who have no one to look out for them or when a deacon opens his home to younger men and shows them how a family works. They are powerful when they mold a pastor through intercession and fervent prayer; powerful when they fill an empty stomach, give a widow a ride to the doctor, share Christ with a child, when they passionately fill the church with mercy, hope, peace and good news. Their laughter heals people. They see joy at work. Their words can and should restore a pastor’s confidence. They hold the hands of the dying and give necessary grace to them, so they can be transfigured into their eternal home.

Deacons know that they are in a battle for the very souls of men and that in these last days this battle has intensified. They vow to take the fight to the enemy, go for broke, and rest in the assurance that they are in the mountain-moving business. This high calling is for real men who will not settle for lukewarm milk when there is meat and potatoes on the table. This is a ministry to die for. Deacons are powerful and there is no end to the blessings that flood a church when we realize that we are servants in His Majesty’s army.

~ copied in part from Lifeway’s DEACON Fall 2008 magazine Editorial by Matt Tullos, Editor in Chief “You are Powerful”


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