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Waynesville, NC 28785
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Job Openings:

  • Organization Name:  Antioch Baptist Church
    Job Title: Administrative Assistant
    Classification: Salaried Non-Exempt
    Hours/Week: 32
    Job Description: 

    The objective of this position is to aid in facilitating the activities and functions of Antioch Baptist Church in a timely and orderly fashion.    This position reports directly to the Senior Pastor in concert with the Personnel Committee.  The responsibility of this position cannot be delegated without approval from the Senior Pastor and/or the Personnel Committee.   It is the responsibility of this church to make fair compensation for meeting  the expectations as outlined in this document.

      Requirements - Must:
    • have had a salvation experience (born again)
    • be theologically sound (integrity)
    • be a Southern Baptist
    • have a heart for the church
    • be at least 21 years old
    • possess good organizational skills
    • self motivated (seek to improve church communications, records)
    • computer/keyboard skills (MS Office, Publisher, HTML, JAVA)
    • interpersonal (answering telephone)
    • communication (written and verbal)
      Responsibilities – Responsible for:
    • All aspects of inter-office organization and communication
    • Providing support to ministerial staff and church volunteers alike
    • Recording and reporting private financial information
    • Maintaining church records and files in accordance with church policy and applicable state and federal laws.

    The administrative assistant position is classified as salaried non-exempt under the Fair Labor Standards Act.  As such, this position is paid for time spent in the office, at work rather than completion of assigned tasks.  Therefore, the salary will be paid based on an expectation of 32 hours spent in the church office.  A standard work schedule will be developed in coordination with the candidate and the church office hours will adhere to this standard schedule.

    Task List (bold is top priority):   Inter-Office Communication and Organization –  
    • Publish weekly church bulletin in coordination with ministerial staff.
    • Maintain Church calendar of events
    • Answer phones and greet visitors at the door
    • Maintain Phone Tree System
    • Process Mass mailings
    • Provide fax, mail and copy service for church staff and volunteers as requested
    • Maintain church web site
    • Maintain office supply inventory
    • Maintain office equipment/contracts
    • Maintain church web site
    • Maintain accounts and subscriptions
    • Other as assigned
      Support of Ministerial Staff and Church Volunteers –  
    • Maintain lists of rotating volunteers as assigned (e.g. Weekly Paul and Barnabus Teams, Weekly Ushers/Greeters, Weekly Parking Attendants) and communicate with the appropriate personnel.
    • Communicate visitor information and known visitation needs (sickness, injury, personal, new births, etc.) to weekly Paul and Barnabus teams.
    • Maintain e-mail/phone tree prayer chain as appropriate
    • Establish/maintain pastor's visitation schedule
    • Maintain a running list of repairs for Building and Grounds Committee
    • Coordinate special events with Custodian (e.g. church openings and closings outside normal operation)
      Recording and Reporting of Private Financial Information (in accordance with Finance Committee Administrative Procedures)–  
    • Process weekly collections
    • Record weekly tithe records in the membership database
    • Report tithe records to church membership twice per year
    • Process POs. Review POs for Approval and budgetary account coding (as they are approved according to the matrix and is a budget account listed)
    • Process Expense reports and Reimbursement Request. Review for Approval and budgetary account coding (are they approved according to the matrix and is a budget account listed)
    • Process all vendor invoices received at the church. Match all weekly invoices received against appropriate POs, Expense Reports, and/or Reimbursement Requests and deliver to contract accountant for check runs.
      Maintaining church records and files in accordance with church policy and applicable state and federal laws.  
    • Maintain filing system
    • Maintain visitor log and information
    • Maintain church roll
    • Receive/process requests for church letters
    • Maintain history files / publish minutes for church business meetings (computer files / hard copy)