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In an effort to respond to family needs, Antioch has developed teams of deacons and laymen called Ministers On Call. Members of these teams are genuinely concerned about families and are here to serve you. Their primary mission is to serve members of the Antioch congregation however, it is also their intent to contact visitors and make them feel welcome to the Antioch fellowship. Any time a need arises that can be assisted through this ministry, please contact one of these teams.

Teams are prayer partners in any situation whether spiritual, emotional, social, physical or otherwise. Teams will occasionally call just to check in with you. If this is not desirable, just let them know, as they will still continue to pray over you and your family. They are also willing to make personal visits in your home if you so choose.

To find out who your Minister On Call is, contact the church office at 828-627-1200 or click here to request the information.

These are our current Ministers On Call Teams

Ministers on Call
Jeff Shuford / Rob Gevjan
Chuck Kirkpatrick / Steve Crawford
Stuart Green
Dale Anders / Cliff Stovall
Jim Haynes / Roy Kirkpatrick
Kenny Duckett / Andrew Henderson
Richie Marcus/ Robbie Hannah
Carroll Mehaffey
Scott Guge / David Marcus
Chad Haynes / Joe Owens
Mark Williams / Jonathan Quinn
Ben Garner / Luke McCracken
Bill Watson / Byron Hickox
Gay Angel / Hugh Franklin
Kaleb Rathbone
Bill McCracken